Data Instructions

Supplying Your Data Files

Information is supplied below to help with how to supply your data files.

We support a number of file inputs and most incoming data can be processed. Below is a list of recommendations. All files should be ASCII Text with fields separated with tabs, commas or PIPE’s.

We can receive data using the following formats.

  • .TXT
  • .XLS
  • .XLSX
  • .CSV

We can receive data via CD, DVD and Email.

We can’t accept data in word processor packages (ie Word, Word Perfect) or as hard copy. If this is all that is available, we will need to manually enter the data and so a data entry charge will apply.

File naming is just as important as the data itself. Please make sure the file name contains a Job name and a date. For example: SussanJuly2014.txt

Long names/company names need to be looked at very closely. Layouts for printing are set up to a certain font size on screen to compensate for long names. Due to the small available areas we have to print data, long names in some cases won’t fit. Names such as “Harold’s Recreation & Outdoor Activity Stores Pty Ltd” would most times run off the edge of the product. These long names would best be shortened to “Harold’s Stores Pty Ltd”.

Font sizing can vary but we recommend no smaller than 8 point. The amount of character spaces available will vary depending on font, font size and whether your data is in upper and/or lower case.