Artwork Instructions

Supplying Your Own Artwork Files

Information is supplied below to help with how to supply your artwork files.

We work on both Mac & PC and we can receive artwork via email or on disk. Large files can be sent using or you can send us a link to your FTP where we can download your files.

We can recieve artwork in the following formats:

  • Illustrator – up to CC
  • Photoshop – up to CC
  • Indesign – up to CC

We can’t accept artwork done in Word, Publisher, Powerpoint or Corel Draw. If these are all that are available, your design will need to be re-created either by us or a graphic designer of your choice.

Before sending your artwork, please check this list:

  • Is there a colour hard copy or a PDF proof for us to check?
  • Have all fonts been supplied or converted to outlines?
  • Have all the linked files been supplied or embedded?
  • Are all of your images in CMYK? RGB images may not output correctly.
  • Are all of your images high resolution? Minimum is 300dpi.
  • Is there sufficient bleed around all edges of your artwork? 5mm is safe.

A note about supplying PDF files.

While most printers like PDF’s, we’re not huge fans. This is because most of the jobs that we do involve variable data. We output using EPS files and so if PDF’s are supplied with fonts missing, or not enough bleed, etc. We run into problems when we send the job to the press. We much prefer to receive EPS files in the first place following all of the guidelines above.